In Prime Mover Estonian/Norwegian choreographer duo Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak deal with movement as both cause and effect, freedom as well as inevitability. A Prime Mover is an impulse to do something. It is also the giant engine that we are all a part of, a machinery consisting of environment, technology, history, sensations and dreams. We try to find our way in all of this. We look, we listen, we touch, we think. Occasionally we arrive to an illusion of certainty, but then reality shifts and we are lost. Again.

The audience is invited into a breathing, living universe with no real beginning and no real end, where play and seriousness merge, and where thought and movement are one and the same.

For this project, I am mentoring Kenneth Flak in his transition to use SuperCollider to implement the interactive sound for this work. He uses the Sense/Stage MiniBee platform as the main sensing technology in the piece.

More information is on the artist website.