Tactile earthquake vests and compositions derived from seismic recordings. Interactive radio broadcast system. Sandstone earth core samples and wooden scaffolding.

The Intimate Earthquake Archive is an interactive installation that allows participants to access and experience the man-made earthquakes recorded by KNMI in Groningen.

The installation consists of hanging capsules – each emitting an earthquake recorded in Groningen through a long-wave radio system created by Carsten Tonn-Petersen. The public is invited to put on wearable ‘tactile vests’ with inbuilt transducer speakers, developed by Marije Baalman, Jonathan Reus-Brodsky and Sissel Marie Tonn. These modules react to the transmitters in the installation, which allows the wearer to explore the subtle rumbles of the earthquakes on the body.

More information on iii website and Jonathan Reus’ website.

I developed the electronics (addon board for Bela) in collaboration with Jonathan Reus and developed the software framework.