Late 2012, I took it upon me to fix the HID implementation of SuperCollider, which had been broken on OSX since version 3.5. Crowdfunding and a generous donation from BEK brought together the finances for me to devote time to this.

The new HID implementation is part of the main SuperCollider distribution since version 3.7.

Now, early 2014, the work is almost done. It has taken a lot longer than I had hoped for, partly due to many other projects I had going on, but also because of the ambitious approach I took to not just fix the implementation on OSX, but actually finding a way to make an implementation that would work across platforms, thus making the wrapper classes of GeneralHID not needed anymore.

The result thus far is:

  • a cross platform implementation of HID, based on a crossplatform HID library
  • automatic lookup of control names based on the HID standard
  • integration with the OSCFunc and MIDIFunc approach: HIDFunc

Current results are available at:

my supercollider fork at github — in the hidapimerge branch

And the library at:


The current TODO list is:

  • Finish documentation files
  • Fix last remaining bugs on the OSX side of the implementation
  • Make the necessary fixes on the Windows backend to fully integrate that platform

And of course, lots and lots of testing.

For the Windows side of things, I’d need help from a Windows developer though…